Standing Up to a Multinational

Since August of 2011 a group of injured workers from the General Motors assembly plant in Bogotá have lived in a tent protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Colombia...

The workers were unlawfully dismissed after becoming physically disabled working in the outdated plant. GM lied about the reason for their dismissals, claimed that the workers got injured on their own time, and altered the workers medical records to try to get out of its liability to them. The Colombian and U.S. governments looked the other way. The courts were easily swayed by GM's power.

The workers have done what no one thought was possible- maintained pressure on GM for over 5 years, making historic gains that have changed reality for injured workers at their plant and have helped to build a national movement of injured workers.

A fighting chance…

These workers have done what no one thought was possible, least of all, GM. The company was betting on the injured workers giving up out of desperation, abandoning the tent encampment because they couldn’t eat. GM thought it would all blow over. GM was not counting on the role that international solidarity would play in this struggle. These workers are close to winning, they have defied all odds including death threats, eviction attempts, and rainstorms that flooded their makeshift shelter. Set up an automatic donation to help them meet their basic needs so that this incredible struggle continues. Every donation helps!

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