Since August of 2011 a group of workers from the General Motors assembly plant in Bogota have lived in a tent protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Colombia...

The workers were unlawfully dismissed after becoming physically disabled working in the outdated plant. GM lied about the reason for their dismissals, claimed that the workers got injured on their own time, and altered the workers medical records to try to get out of its liability to them. The Colombian and U.S. governments looked the other way. The courts were easily swayed by GMs power. A media blackout has almost completely prevented the workers story from being told. During the last 4 1/2 years, the workers have built a base of support among workers, students, community members, unionists, and people of faith and conscience in the United States and beyond. Join us and the growing injured workers movement in Colombia to fight for good working conditions for all!

Take Action

Take action to support the injured workers, periodically we'll have different ways that you can help!

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Bike trip to visit GM Board

From the GM Shareholder's Meeting in Detroit, supporters of the injured workers launched a bike trip to visit the GM Board in their home communities, bringing this issue to the decision-makers' doorsteps.

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Watch a video

Watch a full length (one hour) documentary or any of the smaller clips that grassroots media makers have taken and listen to the workers tell their story.

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