Pressuring GM

The injured Colombian GM workers of ASOTRECOL have engaged in dramatic actions in order to bring visibility to their struggle and increase pressure on GM to resolve the labor dispute.

  • Maintaining a 24-hour-a-day, 7 day a week tent encampment in front of the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá for the last 4644 days.
  • Sewing their lips shut with a needle and thread
  • Extended hunger strikes
  • Symbolic crucifixions
  • Burial actions lasting weeks

Their supporters in the U.S. have also carried out actions to increase the visibility of the issue and to pressure the decision-makers capable of resolving this labor conflict.

  • Rallies at GM World Headquarters in Detroit
  • Fasts in solidarity with the hunger striking workers, including one Detroit autoworker who fasted for 23 days
  • Visits to Chevrolet dealerships across the nation
  • Mic checks, banner raises, larger-than-life puppets and leafleting at Autoshows in Detroit, Portland, Chicago and New York
  • Online petitions, including one with 67,000 signatures
  • Protests in front of GM Headquarters during its Annual Stockholder’s Meeting
  • Demonstrations in front of homes of GM executives with the power to resolve this issue
  • Publicly binging the situation of the injured Colombian GM workers to CEO Mary Barra in the Stockholder’s Meeting
  • A bicycle delegation of over 1,000 miles from Detroit to the GM Board of Directors’ homes, to bring the issue to the decision-makers’ doorsteps